Kaizen Gestión


Kaizen-Eureka is a company created in 2001, whose social objective is “the provision and implementation of any service or activity related with tourism, environment, local development, culture and youth, including their management under any form”.

Our main objective is to respond to the rising needs about consultancy and subcontracting, both from the public and the private sector, in the above-mentioned areas.

Kaizen is a Japanese word which can be translated as “continuous improvement”, a name that reflects our work philosophy.

Our headquarter is located in Pamplona (Spain). But we also have a subsidiary in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Kaizengestion) and a delegation in Tirana (Albania).

Pío XII, 18. 1º Oficina 3 - 31008 PAMPLONA - SPAIN - Tel: +34 948 198 222 / +34 948 170 820 Fax: 948 170 833 - kaizen@kaizengestion.eu